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Is it worth getting financial advice?

In short, a Financial Adviser can give you the right financial advice once they take into account your goals, however big or small they might be and work with you to make sure your hard earned money works hard for you in return.

You may only have your family home as your main asset and are looking for your first investment property. A financial advisor can help make sure that you structure the investment property purchase correctly to maximise your returns.

financial adviceFor the younger generations, once you start making money it is wise to have a management plan in place with the right financial advice. While you might not have a lot of money yet, you do have time on your side. Regular small investments helped by the power of compounding interest will make you money while you sleep.

But there is a difference how effectively compounding will work for you based on the financial decisions you make today. A few years of smart saving can lead to wonderful things in the future, or not… if you don’t get the right financial advice.

Here’s a very simple example to demonstrate this point.
If you invest $50 a week for 25 years at a 4% interest rate with an initial deposit of only $5,000 you will end up with $125,206. This same investment plan, but with a better return of 8% sourced by a financial advisor will make $244,164 for you, which is practically doubling your return.

We consult a doctor when we’re sick, a mortgage broker when buying a home, a travel agent when planning or going on holiday. What do all these people have in common? They assist you in making big decisions about how best to spend that hard earned money. I’d certainly consult a specialist for that.

If we get advice for things that cost money, doesn’t it make sense to get advice on how to get the best out or money as well?

Whether financially you are just starting out or nearing retirement, the time/money dilemma is something that can be resolved easier with a financial advisor. At any stage of life, financial advice can help improve your circumstances now and the outcome of your future.

Even if you are on a low income or just starting out, financial advice is worth investing into. Seeing your goals set out and how you will be able to achieve those makes your financial journey worth while. Especially once those goals are achieved.

People who have sought assistance to plan for their financial find themselves achieving those goals they never thought they could. One of the most common comments we get is; I don’t think I can retire yet, I don’t have enough money. Working closely with these clients they realise that yes, they can retire and in most cases, earlier than expected. They are now happily enjoying retirement knowing their lifestyle is safe.

Remember that a good financial adviser will not only stop you making those uneducated financial decisions and make sure you keep your wealth, but just as important, we will provide you will peace of mind knowing that we have all financial bases covered.

So now it’s up to you……. Remember you won’t be doing this alone, we are there helping you at every milestone along the way with the right financial advice.

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