Fees & Charges

Total Wealth Management is a fee for service firm.

We take no commissions from investment, superannuation and retirement product providers for new accounts. However, for older style existing investment, superannuation and retirement products, we may receive an ongoing commission from your provider.

We do receive initial and ongoing commission from insurance providers.

Initial Meeting

There is no fee for our initial meeting, including our preparation for that meeting.

Advice – Initial and Ongoing Fees

Our fees reflect the value of our advice to our clients and the services we provide. All of our fees are transparent and we will not charge a fee to a client without prior client approval and sign off.

We can generally offer clients a fixed fee (either $ or %) for most engagements.

Our fees can be deducted directly from your investment or superannuation account, or paid by you personally or your business.

In the instance where you purchase personal or business insurances, the initial commission we receive may be offset against the quoted fee and often covers the initial advice fee.