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You Get What You Pay For With Financial Advice

In this 3-part blog series on financial advice, we look at the why it is hard to differentiate value between financial advisers, the limitations of company aligned advisers and whether you should go direct or not.  This is part 1 of the series. For most people, it can be hard to identify the different value […]

What is Income Protection?

As part of delivering advice to clients we are frequently asked about the various insurance covers we recommend. We have put together a list of our 7 most common questions about income protection, to help you understand it a little better. Is Income Protection Tax Deductible? The premiums you pay for your income protection policy […]

The Age Pension is No Holiday

I took a holiday a few weeks back and while checking my emails I saw the latest report on how much it costs to live a comfortable retirement. In order for a couple to live a comfortable retirement, the report says they need an income of approximately $59,160 each year. Now, the figure of $59,160 […]

What exactly does a financial adviser do?

One of the main reasons that most ordinary Australians don’t approach a financial adviser to assist them is that they don’t know what we do. Well I’m about to tell you what we can do for you. Lets start by saying that we want to work with you to help you create and protect the […]

Is it worth getting financial advice?

In short, a Financial Adviser can give you the right financial advice once they take into account your goals, however big or small they might be and work with you to make sure your hard earned money works hard for you in return. You may only have your family home as your main asset and […]

4 Great Reasons to Buy a Car NOW

Here are four great reasons to buy a car now. Can finance and affordability has never been better, so now is a great time to be buying a new car… take a look at the facts below. The Facts Due to a Interest rates being at historic low levels New-car affordability hits a 38-year high […]

What can a financial adviser do for me?

You might be saying to yourself; • I don’t have enough money or assets to get financial advice, or • I don’t have enough time to see a financial adviser, or • Is it worth getting financial advice, or • What exactly does a financial adviser do? These are all reasonable objections an adviser would […]

What stage of the Investment Cycle are we in?

A major concern for many involved in investing is our location in the investment cycle. There are those who are starting to predict the worst and worry those around them. After doing a bit of research we feel these fears are unfounded. We are six years out from the Global Financial Crisis, since then global […]

The Home Prices And Interest Rates Of Australia

It comes as no shock to hear that Australian properties are overvalued. The Reserve Bank has cut its interest rates with further cuts expected. This is as a result of numerous things including the Australian dollar remaining high, commodity prices falling lower than expected and the outlook for business investing falling. There is concern that […]