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    Wealth Managers & Financial Advisers That Listen

    Our professional and holistic approach to financial advice centres around creating and managing valued partnerships with you. We construct personalised financial plans that aim to achieve your financial goals at different life stages. You benefit from Total Wealth Management’s professional advice and proven growth strategies.

    At Total Wealth Management, we pride ourselves on our ongoing service. We regularly review your financial strategies to ensure they remain relevant and keep you on track to meet your financial goals.

    Your Trusted Wealth Management Advisers in Ipswich

    Our Financial Advisers have been working in the financial planning industry for over 20 years. and all our staff have related Financial Planning education so rest assured you are receiving quality service and advice.


    Our professional financial advisers offer comprehensive advice across a wide range of wealth accumulation, superannuation, retirement and insurance services.

    Your ability to earn an income is your greatest asset. If you’re not seeing the service that fits your current need, don’t hesitate to contact us with your enquiry. Our experienced financial advisers will help you to resolve your concerns in our free consultation!

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    How does it work?

    Step 1

    Get Started

    Contact us by phone or enquiry form about what is important to you and what you would like to achieve.

    Step 2

    Initial meeting

    We will discuss your current financial situation and gain an understanding of your goals and priorities and identify opportunity ‘gaps’, options and choices.

    Step 3

    Plan Development

    An experienced financial planner will then prepare a statement of advice (SOA) that explains in detail the strategies we are recommending to you to help you achieve your financial goals and objectives.

    Step 4

    Implementation of Your Plan

    Once you’re happy with the personalised financial plan we make for you, we’ll start the implementation with the necessary paperwork and follow up on any outstanding issues.

    Step 5


    will monitor the effectiveness of your strategies as part of a review and keep you updated on their development.


    Book Your Free Initial Meeting!

    no commissions from investment, superannuation and retirement product providers for new accounts

    Enter your details and we will contact you within 24 hours

      How can we help?


      Why you should choose Total Wealth Management advisers

      At Total Wealth Management we take a professional and holistic approach that considers all aspects of your financial affairs. We have been serving clients across Ipswich for over twenty years, meaning our advisers bring years of industry experience and are certified and qualified in financial services.

      We operate under the philosophy that “financial planning transforms dreams and aspirations into reality”. As such, we have a commitment to ensuring client satisfaction, which is why we offer a free initial meeting and customised financial advice to suit your situation.

      What makes a financial planner and a financial adviser different?

      A financial planner and financial adviser are different in terms of their specialisation.

      Financial advisers are any professional that can assist you in managing your finances; such as insurance agents, finance managers, estate planners, bankers, legal professionals and many other roles.

      Alternatively, a financial planner is an adviser within a specific industry, such as financial planning. Financial planners assist individuals, families and organisations and can be important in helping meet short and long term financial goals. There is no specific governing body that oversees financial advisers.

      At Total Wealth Management, we consider ourselves financial advisers due to our team’s range of experiences and expertise; from financial services, to accounting, to business and financial strategy, we’re able to help in any situation.

      What is financial planning?

      At TWM, we provide guidance on all aspects of financial planning, because we know that a financial plan is fundamental to achieving personal and financial goals. Financial planning allows you to gain an understanding of your financial positions, and make the necessary changes in order to achieve your personal or organisational goals.

      Financial planning specifically involves developing strategies in order to effectively manage your finances, with the long term goal of accomplishing your dreams. We offer financial planning in a range of specific areas, such as retirement planning, superannuation fund and strategy advice, personal risk insurance, wealth accumulation, tax minimisation and tax planning, debt management, estate planning and more. Our financial planning process is easy; it’s just five steps:

      * Get started
      * Initial meeting
      * Develop your financial plan
      * Implement your financial plan
      * Ensure your strategy remains relevant.

      How can Total Wealth Management advisers manage and invest my money?

      Financial advisers are perfect for when you need help with your wealth management. It can be difficult to confront various areas of your financial planning, such as retirement or estate planning. Alternatively, it can be confusing to manage other areas, such as wealth planning and management, personal risk insurance or tax planning.

      That’s where we come in. Total Wealth Management advisers are trained and experienced so that you can feel comfortable knowing your finances are in great hands. Our qualified adviser will work with you to develop a full picture of your life, goals and finances in order to meet your objectives.

      Once our advisers have an understanding of your situation, they are able to deliver tailor made advice and strategies that help ensure your financial success.

      Who would need a financial adviser?

      We believe that anyone would benefit from working with a financial adviser; regardless of age, career, or net worth. As advisers, our goal is to help you get on, or stay on, the right path with your finances. Whether a financial plan is new to you, or you want help ensuring that your current financial plan is effective, our advisers can give you tailored advice. An additional bonus is that a financial adviser takes the stress out of financial planning, which is suitable for those with no free time or interest in finance. Our advisers can help you if you:

      * Don’t know how or where to start investing
      * Are in need of an estate plan
      * Have an investment plan that isn’t right for you
      * Are looking at planning your retirement

      What does having a financial adviser cost?

      Total Wealth Management is committed to client satisfaction, which is why we offer a free initial meeting. From there we charge on a fee-based mode – we generally offer clients a fixed fee (either $ or %) for most engagements. Our fees can be deducted directly from your investment or superannuation account, or paid by you personally or your business.

      We don’t take commissions from investments, superannuation and retirement product providers for new accounts. For older style existing investment, superannuation and retirement products, we may receive an ongoing commission from your provider. We receive initial and ongoing commission from insurance providers.