Starting a business is fraught with pitfalls and some of those pitfalls, injury, incapacitation or worse still death are disturbing. The very thought of trying to run an enterprise under the shadow of such pitfalls is scary enough, but not having the means to cover expenses, salaries etc can cause mental problems, family breakdown and many other forms of anguish.

Insurance to cover our business was taken out in 1996, with life, critical illness and total and permanent disability components included.

The business has long since wound up, however the MLC cover has remained, with the premiums being paid monthly by direct debit. We were more than happy with the cover the Personal Protection Policy offered.

Rod Hudson from Total Wealth Management contacted me to “touch base” regarding the MLC policy, which was well overdue for review. I made an appointment and during that brief meeting, I mentioned my only major health issue ever, a robotic prostatectomy for prostate cancer back in 2012. He asked his colleague Monica Knight to join us in the meeting and both he and Monica were of the opinion that my cancer surgery may be claimable under the critical illness component of the policy.

Monica then contacted MLC Customer Care and was able to instigate a hypothetical claim to see if a real claim was viable.

The actual claim was undertaken with various reports required of the medical professionals involved in my diagnosis and surgery. Other information was also needed, however the MLC claim information pack was easily negotiated.

Within two months of that initial meeting, Monica rang me to advise that approximately $80,000 would be transferred into the nominated bank account, but a further surprise was to follow with around $25,000 also being deposited as premium reimbursement since the medical event.

My experience with Total Wealth Management has been terrific, but a word to the wise, check all your insurances as a claim like mine could be easily overlooked.

To Rod and his team a sincere thank you for the professional and timely manner in which this matter was handled.


We weren’t happy with the current financial planning company in QLD that we were dealing with so while talking to my parents’ about our super and financial situation they recommended that we contact Rod at Total Wealth Management. (They have been clients of Rod’s for many years)

After our first meeting it was explained to us in great detail what recommendations were that best suited us and why certain policies were chosen. We were given a detailed document (Statement of Advice) at our next meeting with all set up fees and on going fees explained.

The financial planning company that we had dealt with previously didn’t communicate with us or provide support or further assistance so that we could understand what was being done. We felt stuck, not only didn’t we understand, we just couldn’t get ahead.

Rod and his team at Total Wealth Management gave us hope that we can make a difference to our future planning.

During the whole process there was numerous documents and paperwork sent to us by the super company which we didn’t understand, but the TWM team were able to explain in detail and follow up any further information for us.

All our policies are now in place and we are looking forward to the future as we continue to get ongoing personal advice from Total Wealth Management.

Rod and Judy

We have been clients of Total Wealth Management for over 15 years and Rod has been our adviser for at least the last 10 years.

When we first met Rod we were both still working but since then my husband has retired and I am still currently working.

Over these years we have caught up with Rod at least once a year to receive an update on how our investments have performed over the last 12 months. We also get told about any new laws that have been introduced that may affect our investments and Rod at Total Wealth has suggested changes if required.

Rod has small personal team: starting with Emma who looks after all the existing clients and does all the behind the scenes work for Rod.

Monica looks after all the new clients and helped put together the plan and all the applications when my husband retired in early 2016.

We are satisfied with the ongoing advice and guidance from Rod and his team for our investments and future retirement plans.

After talking with Total Wealth Management we are able to have the important things in life that we will enjoy in our retirement because of the planning of Rod and his team.

One of the worries of my husband retiring and my self still working was how to start sorting the paper work. After one call to Total Wealth a weight was lifted of my shoulders and the support throughout this process has been amazing.


Good morning Monica,

Thank you for your email. I especially want to thank you for how you are explaining each process to me.

As you would appreciate this is a new experience and it is wonderful to feel confidence in the people who are handling my finances for me.

I am so glad that I found Rod and therefore yourself. When I was thinking of retiring the matter of financing seemed a big scary hurdle. Thank you for making the process easy.


I’ve known Rod and the ladies at Total Wealth for a while now. Not because I’ve been a client of Rod’s, but because I was looking after the gardens (lawn mowing) at the office.

Rod has always listened to any general questions I’ve had leading up to the sale of my house and my retirement (at age 74).
I’d planned on selling and packing up to travel Australia in my caravan. I’d starting planning and packing what I needed into the van – anticipating the trip into my retirement.

The house is now sold and because of my long term relationship with Rod and his staff, I felt more than comfortable trusting Rod to provide me with the financial support to know what to do with the money from the house. I now know that no matter where I am in Australia I will be able to receive a regular income or get access to additional money should something unexpected pop up along the way.

I’ve now been travelling for 2 months in the van, and during this whole time, Monica/Emma or Rod have kept me informed about what was happening, when I would expect to see extra money in my bank account and even updating Centrelink.
I’m happy knowing they have it under control for me and should I need them they are just a phone call away.

They’ve helped with all the stress I had about the money side of retirement, just knowing that I’m not trying to sort out this stuff alone. They are helping me along the way so I’m stress free, worry free and now living the dream.

I would have no hesitation referring any-one to Rod and his team.