Twilight Years

Don’t have a Will?

Not having an updated Will is a big mistake. Your hard earned money could end up in the wrong hands causing a massive pain and drama for everyone.

You have almost done it all. Your masterpiece is almost complete. Now is the time to reflect on your past and put the finishing touches on your final years.

What is your legacy? What do you still need to do?

At Total Wealth Management, we know that you led a long and productive life, but you are not ready to quit just yet. Health, independence, housing and longevity to name a few are still a concern. And, you want to make sure that you are remembered and loved.

If something happened to your adult son or daughter and they weren’t insured, you’d probably want to make sure your grandchildren were looked after financially, whether you become the legal guardian or play a supportive role.

Talk to your children, we can help ensure they have adequate cover in place.

Questions you may be asking are:

  • How can I make sure my assets can sustain me for the rest of my life so I’m not dependent of family or friends?
  • What if I live another 15 years? Will I have enough money to last?
  • Increasing medical costs are a concern for me. How do I accommodate for them within my overall plan?
  • I may need to enter a retirement village or aged-care facility. How much will it cost me and what is the best way to fund this?
  • I have a lot of grandkids. Can I help my children with their education savings?
  • I want to leave money to my family or church. What’s the best way to do this?
  • How would I cope financially, if something happened to my children, and I was left to look after my grandchildren?
  • How do I make sure everything is well-tended and easy to manage for my children when I pass?

How can Total Wealth Management help you?

Our professional and holistic approach to financial planning centres around creating and managing valued partnerships between you, Total Wealth Management and other specialists, all wording together to deliver your desired outcome. The services that may be relevant to you are:

  • Pre-retirement and Retirement Planning – including Aged Care
  • Centrelink Maximisation Strategies
  • Superannuation fund and strategy advice
  • Self Managed Superannuation Funds
  • Tax Minimisation and Tax Planning
  • Lifestyle Expense Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Property Valuation

Other Services we provide are:

  • Wealth Accumulation
  • Debt Management
  • Personal Risk Insurance
  • Business Planning & Insurance
  • Salary Packaging