Frequently Asked Questions

How will a Total Wealth Management financial adviser help me?

  • Strategies to reduce debt and the amount of tax you pay
  • Looking for strategies to grow your wealth in the most tax effective manner
  • Would like to develop a strategy for your eventual retirement
  • About to retire and would like to arrange your assets to provide an ongoing income whilst paying little of no tax
  • Maximise your Centrelink benefits in retirement
  • Life insurance and total & permanent disablement protection
  • Protecting your income in case you have an accident or serious illness

Do I have enough money to see a financial adviser?

  • You have to start somewhere, the actual amount of your savings or assets does not matter
  • Your commitment to achieve financial security for yourself and your family is more important then your current situation
  • The situation for each individual is unique and equally important
  • Total Wealth Management will look at your situation and help you with a strategy that is best for you
  • All it takes to build wealth & protect your financial future is a well managed plan

What advantages are there when I use a Total Wealth Management financial adviser?

  • We only work for YOU, there is no link to the big banks, Government or your employer
  • We build genuine relationships based on trust and proven strategies
  • We don’t ‘sell’ advice, we listen and tailor a strategy to suit your needs
  • We are a proud, long standing Ipswich business
  • Many of the industry superfunds help you by appointment only, if you don’t contact them they don’t contact you

What if I already have Qsuper or another industry super fund?

There is no need to change from this fund, we look at it as part of your overall portfolio

How much will it cost me?

  • Your first appointment is complimentary as our focus is on opening your mind to the available options
  • Depending on our discussion, the costs are based on the type of investment or insurance
  • Nothing is put in place without your full understanding and approval

What will happen once I contact your office?

We believe that you financial future is too important to leave to chance, so we will:-

  • Organise a time to meet with you either in our office or at your place
  • Listen to your circumstances
  • Identify any financial concerns you may have
  • Identify your financial and lifestyle goals
  • Gather financial information about you
  • Prepare a financial plan to protect you from risk and grow your wealth
  • Implement the plan (strategies that secure a financial future for many of our existing clients)