I’ve known Rod and the ladies at Total Wealth for a while now. Not because I’ve been a client of Rod’s, but because I was looking after the gardens (lawn mowing) at the office.

Rod has always listened to any general questions I’ve had leading up to the sale of my house and my retirement (at age 74).
I’d planned on selling and packing up to travel Australia in my caravan. I’d starting planning and packing what I needed into the van – anticipating the trip into my retirement.

The house is now sold and because of my long term relationship with Rod and his staff, I felt more than comfortable trusting Rod to provide me with the financial support to know what to do with the money from the house. I now know that no matter where I am in Australia I will be able to receive a regular income or get access to additional money should something unexpected pop up along the way.

I’ve now been travelling for 2 months in the van, and during this whole time, Monica/Emma or Rod have kept me informed about what was happening, when I would expect to see extra money in my bank account and even updating Centrelink.
I’m happy knowing they have it under control for me and should I need them they are just a phone call away.

They’ve helped with all the stress I had about the money side of retirement, just knowing that I’m not trying to sort out this stuff alone. They are helping me along the way so I’m stress free, worry free and now living the dream.

I would have no hesitation referring any-one to Rod and his team.