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Dealing with market volatility for soon-to-be retirees

The global fight against Coronavirus, in addition to plummeting oil prices, has caused share markets to be far from stable. While many investors are being advised to stay the course and wait for markets to recover, for soon-to-be retirees—with different time horizons to people just starting out—this may not be feasible. But here’s the truth. […]

Insurance inside super — should you keep it?

If you’re a member of a super fund, it’s more than likely you have insurance through your super. We’ve identified some key things to ask to yourself if you’re trying to determine if you should keep it. If you’re a member of a super fund, it’s more than likely you have insurance through your super. […]

Magic money tree – QE & money printing and their part in the coronavirus economic rescue

Key points Central bank support to ensure the flow of money and credit through economies is an essential part of the global and Australian coronavirus economic rescue. This has increasingly involved quantitative easing which entails the printing of money. Higher inflation is an obvious risk from money printing, but it’s unlikely to become an issue […]

Managing your super in a market downturn

We’re here to help you understand what happens in a share market downturn, If you’ve seen a decrease to your super balance as a result of the coronavirus, it’s understandably cause for concern. When your balance goes down (or up), it’s as a result of changes in the value of investments in your super fund […]

What our investment managers are saying

 Download PDF Given the speed and size of share market falls, it’s understandable for investors to feel like there is no ‘light at the end of the tunnel.’ Optimism is extremely scarce now. However, each of the market tremors of the past four decades — the 1987 crash, the 1997 Asian currency crisis, the 2000 […]

Wise moves: The new start-up economy

This article was originally published on smh.com.au When Marty Moore left his role as CEO of multi-billion-dollar company CS Energy in 2018, he didn’t retire or find a string of boards to sit on. He launched a start-up. 57-year-old Moore and his daughter Emma started Your CEO Mentor to teach leadership skills. “Every day I wake […]