Superannuation Fund & Strategy Advice

Make Your Superannuation Funds Count!

Superannuation is still one of the best places to accumulate wealth and save for your retirement. The main reason, of course, is the favourable tax treatment.

At Total Wealth Management, we believe super doesn’t have to be complicated. We will walk you through the benefits and strategies of utilising your super, whatever your age. We can also help you effectively respond to legislative changes regarding super, tax, social security, and other retirement issues. Have questions about superannuation funds and strategy advice?  Talk to us via  (07) 3281 1226 and one of our representatives will assist you directly.

Strategies and other things we may consider for you are:

  • Boost savings and minimise tax via salary sacrifice
  • Divert cashflow from your home loan into super
  • Grow your super without reducing your income
  • Invest non-super money in super
  • Top up your super with help from the Government
  • Contribute to super and offset capital gains tax
  • Purchase Life and TPD insurance tax-effectively
  • Convert business capital into tax-free retirement benefits
  • Ownership of superannuation funds & assets to maximise Centrelink entitlements
  • The type of super fund most suited to you:
    • Industry super fund
    • Employer-sponsored super fund
    • Public sector super fund
    • Retail and wholesale master trust super fund or
    • Self-managed super fund*

* Click here to find out more about self-managed superannuation funds