Superannuation Advice: Make Your Superannuation Funds Count

Superannuation is still one of the best places to accumulate wealth and save for your retirement, and that is why getting superannuation advice is recommended. The main reason, of course, is the favourable tax treatment.

Maximizing superannuation and having a proper superannuation plan and strategy is critical for a safe financial future.

Our senior advisor has been working in the industry of financial planning since 1999 and provides expert superannuation fund advisory for Ipswich and greater Brisbane residents.

Secure Your Retirement Years With Our Superannuation Advisor

At Total Wealth Management, as your superannuation advisor, we believe that super does not have to be complicated. We will walk you through the benefits and strategies of utilising your super, whatever your age. We can also help you effectively respond to legislative changes regarding super, tax, social security, and other retirement issues.

We provide our clients with the detailed guidance needed to structure and manage superannuation effectively.

This guidance starts with a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ assets and the income they can draw from these assets. This understanding is critical in estimating how much money they can save up for their retirement and what strategies they can use now to maximise this amount. At Total Wealth Management, following this assessment, we create a tailored plan that best suits each client individually.

Which Superannuation Fund Is Most Suited To You?

Your superannuation fund needs to be structured in a way that helps you build a financially safe retirement. Prior to this, however, you should know which super fund is the most suited to your situation, needs, and objectives. There are several funds that clients can choose from:

  • Industry super fund
  • Employer-sponsored super fund
  • Public sector super fund
  • Retail and wholesale master trust super fund or
  • Self-managed super fund*”

Not choosing the right superannuation fund for you can result in lesser savings, more expensive management fees, and a mismatch between your wanted and actual investments and retirement benefits.

That is why we not only assist you in picking the right super fund but also in monitoring its performance and making adjustments when necessary as we know that changes always happen in one’s life, career, family, etc..

Find A Strategy To Optimise Your Super With Our Superannuation Advice

Here are some strategies and investments we may consider for you to optimise your super:

  • Boosting savings and minimising tax via salary sacrifice
  • Diverting cashflow from your home loan into your super
  • Growing your super without reducing your income
  • Investing non-super money in your super
  • Topping up your super with the help from the Government
  • Contributing to your super and offset capital gains tax
  • Purchasing Life and TPD insurance tax-effectively
  • Converting business capital into tax-free retirement benefits
  • Owning your own superannuation funds & assets to maximise Centrelink entitlements

There are no one-size-fits-all retirement plans. At Total Wealth Management, we provide superannuation advice to help our clients choose the right strategy or mix of strategies best tailored to their own circumstances.

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