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How to diversify when investing in bonds no longer works

Bonds have traditionally helped diversify the risk of shares because bond and share prices tend to move in opposite directions. But what if both bond and share prices fall at the same time, so that this diversification no longer works? MLC provides some insights about how they manage this challenge in their portfolios. Why does […]

Newsletter – 18th Dec 2018

Dear Emma ,   Christmas is nearly upon us and we have been very busy catching up with clients. Today, we received a gift from one of clients, Bob, who made our new reindeer decorations for the office.  They have taken pride of place on the front desk for everyone to see!

Should you borrow to invest in shares or property?

Experts discuss the pros and cons of borrowing to invest in property or shares At a recent NAB webinar, prominent finance commentator Noel Whittaker, REA Group Chief Economist Nerida Conisbee and NAB Equity Lending Head of Sales Craig Saunders discussed the principles and options of borrowing to invest. Why borrow to invest? Borrowing money to […]

Dealing with a serious health issue

Planning carefully and working through the issues can help if you or your partner experiences serious illness or injury later in life A major health issue can throw life into disarray and put paid to the best laid plans for travelling, relaxing and enjoying all that your retirement years have to offer. Planning carefully and […]

Eight ways to boost your fitness in retirement

It’s time to put physical fitness at the top of your priority list and start enjoying the next phase of your life If you’ve said goodbye to full-time work and hello to retirement, it’s time to put physical fitness at the top of your priority list and start enjoying the next phase of your life. […]

What does the recent market volatility mean for investors?

Portfolio Specialist John Owen discusses what’s causing the current market volatility and how MLC is managing their portfolios for customers What’s causing the market volatility? There are a number of factors worth noting. Very low interest rates and central banks injecting cash into economies has contributed significantly to the strong market returns we’ve seen in […]

How to transition to retirement

Find out how to transition into retirement easily We’ve given you a few tips to help you towards the next stage in your life – retirement. As you get closer to retirement, you will start to wind down and want to work less without compromising your lifestyle. That’s where a Transition to Retirement Pension (TRP) […]

Corrections, gummy bears and grizzly bears in shares

Key points The pullback in shares could still have further to go but a deep (grizzly) bear market is unlikely as US, global or Australian recession are unlikely. Increasing US Federal Reserve openness to a pause in raising rates, the likelihood of a US/China trade deal sometime in the next six months and the plunge […]