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Newsletter – 29th Aug 2019

Dear Sir/Madam, Once again, not a lot to report from our office since our last newsletter. Life is flying by too quickly! We have another travel story for you this month. Our clients, K & J enjoyed a trip down south a few months ago with their caravan and these were the highlights: Lightning Ridge […]

Newsletter – 12th Jul 2019

Dear Sir/Madam, Not a lot to report from the office since our last newsletter. We had one of the busiest ends to a financial year’s for a long time with a large number of super contributions to process. Emma and our ‘old faithful’ Monica (ex-staff) recently supported our client Gayle again with her annual bus […]

Don’t fight the Fed… or the ECB or RBA

Key points The ECB and the Fed now clearly look to be heading towards monetary easing, probably from July. We expect two rate cuts this year from the Fed. The shift back towards monetary easing by global central banks against a backdrop of low inflation adds to confidence that global growth will pick up again […]

Newsletter – 17th Jun 2019

Dear Sir/Madam, Another enjoyable golf day but with a change of venue resulted in a smaller turn out than normal. The “hole in one” did not go off once again but the drives were closer to the pin than previous years. Hopefully, next year will be the year where someone will get the $10,000! Some […]

Should you and your partner retire at the same time?

It’s one of those curious questions people rarely ponder before the time draws uncomfortably near: will we retire together? On the one hand, it makes sense to seize the opportunity to travel and experience this next chapter of your lives together. On the other, how can two people possibly be ready to leave the workforce […]

So how much do we really need to retire?

There’s been a lot of pretty scary “information” come out about the insane amounts of money we need to retire, so what are the facts?  For many people, the concept of retirement shimmers like an oasis beyond the desert of day to day working life. For others it is the monster that lurks under the […]

RBA cuts rates to a new record low

Key points The RBA’s latest rate cut is aimed at heading off a further slowing in growth which would threaten higher unemployment and lower for longer inflation. Cutting the inflation target would be a big mistake. More rate cuts are likely to be needed ultimately taking the cash rate to a low of 0.5% next […]