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Estate planning: what your will doesn’t cover

Most of us think of estate planning as simply writing a will. However, ensuring your assets are distributed according to your exact wishes after you pass away can be more complicated than that. Having an up-to-date will is an essential part of the estate-planning process. Some assets automatically form part of your estate when you […]

Plan ahead for the aged care you want, for your parents

Helping parents make the transition into supported living can be challenging, but forward planning and open communication can help everyone. Here are some things to consider together. There are good reasons to start discussing aged care options with your parents well before they’re needed. Your parents’ circumstances could change quickly and assistance in or outside […]

5 ways to take control of your money

Five ways to take control of your money, grow your wealth and start enjoying financial peace of mind. It can seem daunting, but you’ll definitely feel the benefit once you’re ‘the boss’ of your own finances. It’s all about getting better at managing your spending and identifying opportunities to grow your wealth. Add in the […]

10 habits of highly successful homebuyers

Ready to take the leap into home ownership? It’s worth doing your homework first. Buying your own home can be overwhelming – hardly surprising given it represents one of life’s biggest investments. Our buying tips aim to make the whole process a little less daunting – while ensuring you’re thoroughly prepared. 10 things to consider […]

Stay covered with your insurance in super

Nobody plans to have a serious accident or illness. But if it happens, you may be able to make an insurance claim through the insurance in your super. Here is a summary of the main types of insurance cover available in super, why it can be worth having and what you should do to make […]

Coming into an inheritance: key considerations

The death of a parent can be a hugely distressing time. It may also mean coming into an inheritance. Working out what to do with an inheritance isn’t always straightforward, so here are some tips on how to approach it.  Receiving a financial windfall isn’t always an occasion for celebration. If it comes in the […]

“Millennial socialism” and the swing of the political pendulum back to the left – what it means for investors

Key points Growing support for higher taxes on the rich and greater government intervention in the economy suggest median voters have shifted to the left. Support for economic rationalist policies has fallen. The risk is that the shift away from economic rationalist policies to greater intervention will contribute to constrained medium-term investment returns. Introduction When […]

Empowering women to own their finances

Money is still a taboo topic of conversation. Although we live in a world where our lives are digital and readily shared, talking about money is still off limits. But it shouldn’t be because having a keen grasp on personal finances is crucial. On average, women earn 18.2% less than men for the same job. […]

Australia slides into a “per capita recession”

Key points Australian growth slowed even more in the December quarter. Growth may bounce back a bit this year, but the housing downturn will likely constrain it to around 2- 2.5%. As a result, unemployment is likely to drift up and wages growth and inflation remain lower for longer. The RBA is on track to […]