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Growth assets: identify and capitalise on your best performers

Experts agree that retirees should go for growth if they want to boost their retirement lifestyle. By Sam Powell This article was originally published on smh.com.au Frances White retired six years ago at the age of 63. In addition to a modest super account and share portfolio, the former qualified accountant owns three investment properties in […]

The Coronavirus pandemic and the economy – a Q&A from an investment perspective

Key points Significant government support is essential to enable parts of the economy to successfully hibernate. This will be financed by borrowing and is affordable given Australia’s relatively low public debt and low borrowing rates. Central bank support to keep financial markets functioning properly is also essential and quantitative easing is part of this. We […]

The threat to Australian house prices from Coronavirus

Key points The Australian housing market is at risk from the coronavirus recession Australia has now entered. A relatively short recession that sees unemployment rise to around 7.5% would likely only set prices back around 5% or so after which prices would bounce back. But a deeper recession with say 10% unemployment risks tripping up […]

Investment market impacts of coronavirus. Part II

By Grant Mizens, Assistant Portfolio Manager, MLC Download PDF Financial markets, which had until now adopted a ‘wait and see’ attitude to the coronavirus pandemic, seem to have changed course. On Monday, global shares had their worst day in two years and the Australian share market has in recent days seen its biggest sell-off since […]

Three reasons why low inflation is good for shares and property

Key points Shares are vulnerable to a short-term correction. But with inflation low, and as long as recession is not imminent, it makes sense that traditional valuations like PEs are higher than their long-term average. Similarly, it makes sense that property yields are lower than normal, but the fall in Australian housing yields has been […]

Retirees benefitting from the gig economy

This article was originally published on smh.com.au. When Chris Longhurst received a generous redundancy from his position in pharma sales in Canberra at 55, he didn’t take it as an opportunity to retire. Instead, he crafted a part-time gig as a civil celebrant to supplement his retirement income as well as find meaning, connection and […]