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Worry, wellbeing and why more of us work later in life

Dean Pearson, Head of Behavioural & Industry Economics, MLC Ill health, job loss and family reasons mean one in two Australians will retire earlier than they anticipated. This is a now a well-established trend in MLC’s Wealth Behaviour Survey. But many more are staying in the workforce longer than previous generations. That’s largely because pre-retirees, […]

Ageing is old hat for baby boomers

This article originally appeared in The Australian There was a time, not so long ago, when retirees were happy to be called “retirees” or “seniors”. After all, these older Australians had worked hard, raised a family, paid their taxes, volunteered, done their bit and now it was time for them to enjoy a long, happy […]

2029’s four major retirement tribes and their aims

This article originally appeared in The Australian By 2029, the last baby-boomer (born 1946-63) will have reached retirement age (over 65). This doesn’t mean that all boomers will be retired. Of the 5.3 million people over 65, about 545,000 will still be working — that’s 10 per cent. The 65+ cohort will be bigger than […]

Rich and invisible lives of over-55s

This article originally appeared in The Australian Google the term “over-55s” and up will pop the most confronting schedule of material that any baby-boomer could imagine. Apparently, the Over-55s is now a thing, a grab-bag, that encompasses everyone and everything that sweeps forth from the virtual end of the working life to, well, the great […]

Managing your pension in volatile markets

Sinead Rafferty, Portfolio Specialist, MLC The severe falls in global share markets in late 2018, after almost a decade of strong market returns, led many investors to ask whether it was too risky to stay invested in the share market during their retirement. If they did stay invested, should they move to a strategy with […]

Navigating redundancy: make it work for you

Redundancy unfortunately affects more and more Australians. With the right approach and professional advice, however, it could open up opportunities and work in your favour. Even though redundancies are often part of business, being told your role is redundant can throw your plans into disarray and leave you feeling blindsided. The key is not to […]