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13 common sense tips to help manage your finances

Key points Getting your personal finances right can be a challenge. Here are 13 tips that may be of use: shop around when it comes to financial services; don’t take on too much debt; allow that interest rates can go up as well as down; allow for rainy days; credit cards are great but they […]

Newsletter – 2nd Nov 2018

Dear Sir/Madam, After being away at a conference in South Australia, Rod is back on deck and the office is busy again leading up to Christmas which is less than 8 weeks away! We have decided that each month we will try to include a story regarding one of our clients. If you have a […]

Are shares expensive?

Key points Starting point valuations for shares matter a lot in terms of medium-term return potential and vulnerability to share market falls. Basically, the cheaper the better. Developed market shares are not dirt cheap (and haven’t been for several years) but on most measures they are not at overvalued extremes. US shares are most at […]

Boom turns to bust – falling Australian home prices. How far and for how long and what’s the impact on the economy?

Key points Property prices in Sydney and Melbourne are likely to see top to bottom falls of around 20% as credit conditions tighten, supply rises and a negative feedback loop from falling prices risks developing. Other cities will perform better having not seen the boom of the last few years. Property investors should remain wary […]

Newsletter – 4th Oct 2018

Dear Emma , There isn’t a lot to report from the office this month.  We have all been quite busy keeping Rod organised.  Monica is back to work after her recent surgery and is now busy reviewing some old policies and super funds. For those clients with MLC investment accounts, some of the tax statements […]