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Wealth Accumulation

Accumulation by definition doesn’t happen overnight, it is a gradual and continual increase over time.

We believe one of the most important ingredients for accumulating wealth is planning. Planning to accumulate wealth enables you to work effectively toward your goals. Without planning you risk investing considerable time, effort and resources with sub-optimal results.

From your younger years of trying to save for your first car, a backpacking holiday or a deposit of some form, through to eliminating the home mortgage and providing for your retirement, things can seem daunting in this fast moving and complex world.

Coping with all these responsibilities can become difficult however, by following some simple and yet important ‘tips and traps’ you should be able to put in place a long to short term wealth accumulation program.Y

ou could be surprised at what you can achieve with simple and consistent strategies. We can help you understand the concepts of wealth accumulation through appropriate diversified financial strategies whilst considering your current situation and objectives.

At Total Wealth Management, we assess which strategy or combination of strategies best suit your personal situation in order to achieve your investment goals and objectives.

In addition to the usual considerations; investment risk, asset structure and ownership, debt management, superannuation contributions, insurance, investment selection and diversification, and estate planning, some of the wealth creation strategies we may consider for you include:

  • Regular Savings Programs
  • Borrowing to invest (or gearing)
  • Internally geared funds