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Your Ipswich Tax Consultant: Professional Tax Minimisation & Tax Planning Advice

As your tax consultant, we know that tax is something we all have to pay during our working lives, and for some during our non-working lives, whether we like it or hate it.

With proper and tailored tax minimisation strategies, you can secure a safe financial future and retirement.

Our senior advisor has been working in the financial planning industry since 1999 and provides expert tax minimisation advisory for Ipswich and greater Brisbane residents.

Are you paying too much? Our Tax Advisor Informs You

Your tax includes multiple components (e.g. income tax, capital gains tax, superannuation tax etc.) and, as your tax advisor, we know how complex the process of tax minimisation is to help you reduce your payable tax.

At Total Wealth Management, we understand and can navigate the Australian Taxation legislation to make sure you are not disadvantaged or exposed.

Personal Tax Advice: Know Your Tax Obligations And Entitlements

There are several tax obligations and entitlements that are common to Australian residents for tax purposes, however, some will differ according to each individual and getting personal tax advice is often recommended.

In fact, some might overlook their obligations or entitlements and fail to benefit from untapped opportunities when it comes to tax deductions.

Through proper advisory and tax services, knowing your personal obligations and entitlements can improve your tax efficiencies and maximise your available deductions.

From Simple To Complex Tax Minimisation Strategies

There are numerous tax minimisation strategies to reduce the amount of tax we pay throughout our lives and upon our death. These can range from simple to complex strategies.

At Total Wealth Management, we work together with your chosen taxation and estate planning professionals to ensure you have the right strategies in place in order to reduce the amount of tax you pay during life and at death.

Some tax minimization strategies we may consider for you:

  • Structuring the ownership of your assets tax effectively
  • Tax effective investing for children
  • Borrowing to invest
  • Salary sacrifice and/or salary packaging
  • Tax-deductible contributions to superannuation
  • Managing super contributions within the caps
  • Super contribution splitting strategies
  • Transition to retirement strategies
  • Managing tax on redundancy payments
  • Structuring or transferring ownership of insurance to make premiums more tax effective
  • Maximising the CGT small business concessions
  • Maximising your estate by reducing tax paid by beneficiaries
  • Claiming tax back from your super fund upon death – anti-detriment payments
  • Assisting with tax planning before, during and after you become an Australian non-resident for tax purposes