Self Managed Superannuation Funds

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Self Managed Superannuation Funds

Self-managed super is the largest and fastest growing super sector in Australia.
Over 2,000 new funds are established every month, adding to the current total of over 468,133.11.Source: ATO SMSF Statistics (issued April 2012)

A major reason for the growing popularity of self-managed super funds (SMSF) if the level of investment freedom they offer.

In addition to the usual benefits you have with investing in the superannuation* environment, with an SMSF you can create your own investment strategy and select from a broader range of investments. The other advantages include potentially greater tax and estate planning flexibility and the opportunity to set up one fund for up to four people.

At Total Wealth Management, we believe running a self-managed super fund doesn’t have to be complicated. We will help to decide whether a self-managed super fund is right for you and if so, walk you through all the requirements to create one.

Along with the usual strategic superannuation advice in QLD, we will also help to ensure you meet all the legal requirements as a trustee of your own super fund and help you effectively respond to legislative changes regarding super, tax, social security, and other retirement issues.

Some of the powerful strategies we may consider for a self-managed super fund are:

  • Personalise your investment strategy
  • Purchase property tax-effectively
  • Keep it all in the family
  • Grow your super with borrowed money
  • Make Critical Illness (Trauma) insurance more affordable
  • Claim death and disability benefits as a tax deduction
  • Ownership of superannuation assets to maximise Centrelink entitlements

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