Centrelink Maximisation Strategies

Centrelink Maximisation Strategies | Total Wealth Management

Centrelink Maximisation Strategies

Are you in receipt of a Centrelink payment or getting close to the pension age?

If you’re not getting the maximum payment, is there anything you can do to increase the amount you do receive?

If you’re nearing retirement, or have retired (or know someone in either case), you need to ensure your assets are in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

With regard to Centrelink payments, they look back up to five years before applying for the Age Pension. So if you’re planning to receive Centrelink benefits let us check that your assets are in place and under the threshold.

Because of the volatile investment markets over the last five years, many retirees’ assets have lost value and have in turn found that they may qualify for Centrelink benefits. So, if you’re already retired and not in receipt of the age pension, talk to us and we can assess whether you now qualify.

At Total Wealth Management, we can estimate your Centrelink entitlements and sometimes recommend strategies to increase the amount you receive.

Some Centrelink maximisation strategies we may consider for you:

  • Structuring the ownership of your assets
  • Gifting of assets
  • Optimising income from your retirement income streams